Good Clean Fun

Bored? Well then you’ve come to the right place! Here I shall put for download things which I have found entertaining! Feel free to dig through.

Firstly, we find a well known problem/solution regarding pirates and their murderously mathematical strategies when gold is involved.

Nothing says ‘good clean fun’ like solving mathematical problems – Boju and Funar provide a sexy collection of brain ticklers for maths geeks to hit up.

If you have ever wondered why kiddies don’t tend to like maths, well, Lockhart hits it on the head.

Here is a good introduction for those meeting pure mathematics for the first time.

Anyone who wants to write mathematics well must read Halmos’s fantastic article “How to Write Mathematics”.

For those who use LaTeX and hate looking up symbols via pdf document, check out Detexify. Absolute quality.

The only way to buy books, Booko.


Some maths talks I’ve given.

Primes in Short Intervals

Families of Expander Graphs

The Distribution of the Primes

Rationals and Not-So-Rationals

Arithmetic Functions


Some outreach I’ve done.

Brain Games

Studying at Uni

Codes and Cryptography

More with Mathematics


Rhodes Scholarship Personal Statement

Here is the personal statement I wrote which got me into the final shortlist for the WA Rhodes Scholarship for 2012. I sure as hell didn’t win, but I had a good time writing this bad boy. Hopefully any future applicants find this helpful!

Personal Statement


My maths song.

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