Keeping Away from High School

As a student of maths, I often get popped the question. Nope – not that one! I get asked whether or not I’m going to take to the local high schools and become a secondary maths teacher.

I always say no but the suggestion does leave thought-crumbs in my head. So I think long and hard about my own time at school before realising that I don’t want to go back. Not that I didn’t love it because I did! I simply know that every crude drawing, rude note, loud outburst and snide comment that I ever made to a teacher is going to be fired back at me with such precision and force that I’m going to rue the days that I ever hassled my teachers.

Plus, I fear that I’ll become that one teacher at every school who has a PhD and corrects anybody who refers to them as Mr or Mrs rather than Dr, as if they were scared that their seven years of study was being spat on. Ok so nobody had a PhD at my school, but I hear stories!

I served precisely three suspensions whilst at high school, and if those suspensions are waiting for me in the form of tech-obsessed hormonal monkeys then I shall do my best to keep clear.

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